Deposit Compliance Monitoring Program


BSC’s Deposit Compliance Monitoring Program™ provides the tools necessary for a monitoring program for those regulations currently considered to represent the highest risk for most financial institutions. Featuring a review frequency determination tool, specific procedures for each regulation and accompanying checklists, report template and a tracking tool, the Program allows the Compliance Officer to utilize bank staff to assist with each phase of monitoring.




Regulatory agencies require all financial institutions to have a robust monitoring program as a part of their Compliance Management System (CMS).  Although the agencies do not mandate the specific format of the monitoring program, they expect all institutions to have a program that will identify and report compliance violations.

With so many competing priorities to manage, time to create and manage a robust and meaningful monitoring program is not a luxury most Compliance Officers have! Bankers Service Corporation (BSC) has stepped in to help through its development of a Deposit Compliance Monitoring Program™.

BSC’s Deposit Compliance Monitoring Program™ includes the following:

  • Deposit Compliance Monitoring Procedures;
  • Compliance Monitoring Schedule and Review Frequency Determination;
  • A tool for selecting sample sizes;
  • Checklists for the following regulations / areas:
    • Truth In Savings – Regulation DD
    • Interest on Deposits – Regulation D
    • Expedited Funds Availability – Regulation CC
    • Electronic Funds Transfer – Regulation E
    • Garnishments
    • Overdraft Protection Programs (ODP)
  • Report Templates for each area
  • Exception Tracking document

Upon implementation of the Program, and with a little customization to your Bank, you will have a built in monitoring program for the regulations considered to currently be the highest risk areas for the majority of financial institutions.

*Any issues with the transaction and delivery of the product should be directed to Compliance Resource, LLC. ([email protected])

*Any issues/questions related to use of the product should be directed to Bankers Service Corporation. ([email protected] or (859) 263-5427)


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