New RESPA Settlement Cost Booklet

Rumor: HUD has published a new Settlement Cost Booklet

This rumor is true. The new booklet appeared on HUD’s website on July 15th.

Rumor: We have to throw out our existing supply of booklets and start using the new booklet immediately.

This rumor is false. You may use the versions of the booklet published in December 2009 or January 2010, or you may use the new booklet. When you exhaust your existing supply of booklets be sure print or order the latest version of the booklet.

Click here for a copy of the new booklet.

2 thoughts on “New RESPA Settlement Cost Booklet

  1. Jack, I’ve looked for some type of email service to get updates from the HUD but frankly their website is not logical at all. I can’t any such email service; do you know of one? I heard about the new booklet from my daily emails, but would love to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

    1. Jonathan,
      You can get press releases send to you from HUD through a RSS feed, but that is not a perfect solution.

      First, HUD issues press releases on a lot more than RESPA. It is way too much information.

      Second, HUD doesn’t always do a press release on the topics that you and I are interested in. For example when the revised settlement cost booklet was published last week, no press release was issued.

      I find that BOL does a great job of keeping us to date on compliance issues.

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