May 10, 2016 is a monumental day for me. Forty years ago I began my banking career as an examiner for the FDIC.

Every generation of bankers I have worked with says this new compliance stuff has taken the fun out of banking. Then that generation takes on the pile of new requirements, masters them, and makes them a part of the new daily routine.

I had the privilege of working with some really great men in the early days of my career. (Note: If you were running a bank in the mid-70s is was fairly certain that you were a man.) I have also had the privilege of working with the sons and daughters, and grandsons and granddaughters of some those same great men. I don’t know if banking skills are inherited or learned from the prior generations, but these days I hear a bunch of really talented young bankers saying that these TRID regulations have taken all of the fun out of banking.

It has been a pleasure serving multiple generations of bankers for the past forty years.

14 thoughts on “MONUMENTAL DAY

  1. I am so thankful you joined the industry before me, and I’ve had the privilege of learning so much from you! CONGRATS on your anniversary!

  2. Congratulations Jack ! You’ve been a mainstay and a tried and true compliance resource for me, in my career spanning almost as long .. my sincerest thanks to you.

  3. You have been a mentor to countless compliance officers and lenders over the years. Any time anyone ever has a compliance question that I can’t answer, the first thing I ask myself is “What does Jack say?” Thanks for all your help and insight!

  4. Congratulations Jack. 40 years is quite the career! I always find the history of why a regulation came to be a fascinating story. You must have many of your own. I enjoy your posts and appreciate your dedication to educating the rest of us.
    Thanks again.

  5. Ditto to all of the above! I tell everyone that you are the best when it comes to compliance!

  6. I couldn’t have done it without you Jack! You have taught me a lot over the years! Thanks for digging in and getting the information beforehand and breaking it down into “English”.

  7. Congratulations! Thank you for all the advice and help you have given over the years. You have been a tremendous asset to the banking industry!

  8. Jack,

    You were one of the first speakers I heard when I joined the world of compliance and I’ve been a fan for almost 25 years. It has been a pleasure learning from you and benefitting from your knowledge. Congratulstions on your anniversary!

  9. Congratulations Jack on a history of educating and training bankers and always continued to keep topics easy to understand and still having a since of humor.

  10. Congratulations Jack and thank you for all of the times you have been there to help me through a crazy situation and teaching us in such an understanding way.

  11. You don’t look like it should be a day over 30 years instead of forty! You have been a life saver for us in all the years that we have attended your seminars and now with CMG. In my almost 30 years in the profession I can honestly say “You’re the BEST”. Thanks for all the help and congratulations on the milestone.

  12. Congratulations! You have definitely provided me with tremendous guidance over the years – thank you.

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