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    We have a construction product that is interest only for the first 12 months during construction. After that full P & I. Should I be reporting interest only in the field or no?


    From the commentary and Guide to HMDA reporting: A Financial Institution reports whether the contractual terms include or would have included: (1) a balloon payment; (2) interest-only payments; (3) negative amortization; or (4) contractual terms, other than those listed above, that would allow for payments other than fully amortizing payments. 12 CFR 1003.4(a)(27). The HMDA Rule defines the terms balloon payment, interest-only payments, negative amortization, and fully amortizing payments by reference to Regulation Z, but without regard to whether the Covered Loan is subject to Regulation Z. Comment 4(a)(27). See 12 CFR 1026.18(s)(5)(i) for the definition of balloon payment, 12 CFR 1026.18(s)(7)(iv) for the definition of interest-only payments, and 12 CFR 1026.18(s)(7)(v) for information on when a contractual term would include negative amortization.

    1026.18(s)(7)(iv) The term “interest-only” means that, under the terms of the legal obligation, one or more of the periodic payments may be applied solely to accrued interest and not to loan principal; an “interest-only loan” is a loan that permits interest-only payments.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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