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    I have spent a lot of time in hotels over the years. I sure many of you have as well. Interesting things happen there. Share your stories.


    Several times over the years I have been in hotels when fire alarms have gone off in the middle of the night and everyone has to trek down to the lobby. It is pretty obvious that people throw on whatever clothes are convenient.

    One night the rest of us had been in the lobby for a few minutes when the stair door burst open and a fat guy (another fat guy, not me) stumbled into the lobby in his boxer shorts. Every one was embarrassed for him. A hotel employee grabbed him a sheet and we all survived the night.


    My husband and I were on our honeymoon in St. Thomas. We got to our hotel, checked-in and headed for our room. Once there, we slid the key card in, opened the door and quickly realized the room was already occupied. As fast, and as quietly, as possible we shut the door and booked it back to the lobby. The best part is we were upgraded to a two-floor suite just for our inconvenience – that was pretty awesome!


    I was staying in a hotel for a soccer tournament many years ago, and a bride hung her wedding dress on a sprinkler head in her room. It caused the fire alarms in the whole hotel to go off, all rooms were evacuated, numerous rooms were flooded, and the poor bride had to deal with the humiliation of everyone figuring out what she had done. I don’t think I ever found out if the ordeal happened before or after her wedding ceremony.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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