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    We are looking at a couple of changed circumstances forms to decide which we want to use. Calyx, our LOS, has a form which allows you to indicate what the changes are in a free form. The loan originator signs and dates at the bottom of the form under language that says they certify the information on the form is true and correct and that a new GFE was provided to the borrower. PiersonPatterson, the doc prep firm we use for closing docs and who also will prepare disclosurs, has a form that simply gives you check boxes for general description of the RESPA allowed changed circumstances. You check the box that applies and do not complete the details, and the borrower signs and dates the form under language that says they acknowledge the changes.

    I did not find language in RESPA that said you have to use changed circumstances form, or if you choose to use a form how it must be completed.

    What forms are most prevelant in other banks?


    We’ve used PPDocs, Calyx and ARTA. I prefer the open one (Calyx) as long as all lenders are trained on the correct reasons to be able to do a change.

    Otherwise, I’d stick with a fill in the boxes form instead.


    Thanks for your feedback! That is helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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