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I spent the past two days as part of the panel at the annual Lending Compliance Triage Conference in Louisville, KY. We had two long days of presentations and discussions. We had many banks with us at the meeting site, and many more participating remotely.
Joining me on the panel were Mary Beth Guard, Andy Zavoina and John Burnett of, Carl Pry of Key Bank, Kathleen Blanchard of Key Compliance Services, and Lucy Griffin of Paragon Compliance Group. We covered over 30 topics during the two days, but the top two topics were Fair Lending and UDAAP. Both issues have been on the rise over the last few years and are getting a lot of attention from examiners. The Dodd-Frank Act is expanding the regulatory burden for each of these topics. You will hear much more about both of these issues in the years to come.

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  1. Lynn Famighetti says:

    I attended the conference remotely and was very impressed with the amount of information received. Not to mention the excellent material that I will be reading for weeks.
    Thank everyone for their efforts from an attendee in McHenry, Illinois

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